plant juice 101

Yes. I hopped on the train. The oily train that is.

What started with cleaning up my skincare act has now taken me on quite the wellness journey. Because guess what, those toxins that were in my face wash and lipstick, they’re in my candles and cleaning supplies too.

A Starter Kit from Young Living. A one stop shop to get your household rolling with all the toxin-free basics. The best part, YL isn’t dropping this box at your door and then shouting “good luck with that!” as they sprint as fast as they can in the other direction. Your team will walk along side you with countless resources in hand to make this ditch & switch as simple as it can be.

So, you might be wondering, what all comes in this magical box? Let me tell ya!

Lemon: Step up your cleaning game with this oil. Refreshing to splash in your water. Natural goo gone. Brightens skin.

Frankincense: This calming oil keeps you grounded when diffused, but also creates glowy skin and fights wrinkles when used topically!

Panaway: Think natural icy hot. Apply to sore or tense muscles for soothing. Great for post workouts or the end of a long day.

Thieves: So many uses in the immunity & cleaning world. Diffuse to kill airborne bacteria. Build your immune system. Find thieves products ranging from toothpaste to household cleaners.

Citrus Fresh: All your favorite uplifting citrus oils blended with spearmint! Add to your water for a refreshing kick thats also supporting your immune system.

Peace & Calming: Diffuse or roll on to wind down. Blend of citrus, ylang ylang, patchouli, & blue tansy.

Digize: This blend of tarragon, ginger, fennel, and mint is excellent for an upset belly. Yay for digestive support!

Valor: Great for focus support. Helps reduce stiffness in neck when applied topically. Nicknamed “liquid courage”.

Raven: Respiratory support in a bottle. Clear out your airways in no time. Apply to chest or add a drop to shower floor and breath in the steam.

Peppermint: Helps to relieve pesky headaches. Put on the back of your neck to help cool off during the toasty months. Refreshing to diffuse!

Lavender: The ultimate multitasker. Diffuse at night to help sleep. Add a few drops into an aftersun lotion to help with sunburns. Soothe itchy bug bites in an instant.

Stress Away: Diffuse to keep the stress away, note the name ;). Apply with a roller for calming effect. Smells dreamy with its mix of cedarwood, lime, & vanilla.

Along with those 12 versatile oils, you’ll also receive a lovely diffuser of your choice, 24% wholesale discount, access to a welcoming wellness community, & a few samples & extras. What more could a girl ask for?

It’s a slow process switching our household over to a more holistic approach, but its so worth it! & this Starter Kit has taken us leaps & bounds! I have loved learning about these plant juices & what they can do for my health & wellness. The Lord is faithful to provide what our body needs through His creation. Wild stuff. If you’re thinking this might be for you too, I hope you’ll reach out!

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